African Painted Dog: Darting and Collaring 

Collaring project with Wildlife Act to monitor African Painted Dog packs in the Kwazulu Natal region of South Africa. African painted dogs, also called wild dogs and painted wolves, are extremely endangered with estimates at less than 5,000. Monitoring their activity and location helps not only keep track of current numbers, health and ecological balance, but also serves as a method to bridge the gap between game reserves and local communities when painted dogs are found on farmland.

Rhino Orphanage: South Africa

With Rhino poaching at an all time high and the domestic ban on rhino horn trade lifted in 2017, the need for a safe haven for orphaned rhino calves is more dire than ever before. At this undisclosed location, vets work tirelessly to help raise orphaned white and black rhinos with as little human contact as possible so that they may be reintroduced into the wild.